Call our office and a competent Philadelphia immigration attorney will evaluate your case before you proceed. Do no rely on what you hear because no two cases are alike. You may be unaware that certain laws apply to your case. Simple mistakes or omissions on your paperwork may prevent you from obtaining a visa. Even worse, you may receive a notice to appear before an immigration judge for deportation/removal proceedings. Denials and court cases are more expensive than consulting with our lawyers beforehand. When you hire our immigration lawyers, you are hiring an immigration expert who can advise you of the laws, regulations, and court decisions that apply to your case. Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

when do you need an immigration lawyer


Immigration authorities will look for reasons to deny your case. Health conditions, criminal records, overstaying old visas, working without papers, and misrepresentations to the U.S. government can make you inadmissible to the U.S., and if you are already living in the U.S., deportable/removable. Talk with the attorneys at Best Immigration Law Group and we will analyze your history, identify anything that can be used against you, and help you proceed accordingly.


Once we evaluate your case and determine your eligibility for a visa, you must file paperwork and provide supporting evidence. If you do not provide the required evidence, your case will be denied. The government does not refund fees for cases filed incorrectly. Even worse, a denial will be used against you if you refile your case. Let our lawyers prepare your case with the correct evidence and legal arguments that are proven to win.

Immigration Court

The Government hires trial attorneys to deport immigrants. It’s their job. This is why everyone appearing before an immigration judge should have an attorney. This advice is universal. Even strongly encourages all immigrants to hire a lawyer when they are before the immigration court:

“If you are or have ever been in immigration court deportation (removal) proceedings, run, don’t walk to see a lawyer. If the proceedings are not yet finished or are on appeal, your entire immigration situation is in the power of the courts — and you will not get anywhere trying to use the same application procedures as people who are not in proceedings…”

Don’t just hire any lawyer. You need an immigration lawyer. Our trusted immigration lawyers in Philadelphia are experienced defenders of immigrants. It’s our job. We are immigration litigators that know the laws and precedent cases that will help you succeed in court. Let us fight for you. If you or someone you know must appear before immigration judge, call us today.

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